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Hi! I would like to ask permission to translate your game into portuguese. Would you authorize me?




Unable to find the file "Graphics/Splash" D:


yea i had the same problem

Unable to find "Graphics/Splash" :(


I haven't played all the game (even half, due one puzzle), but I can tell that it's one of those, which keeps you in suspense in every minute. So if you're looking for scary horror (but not the one which is only packed with jump scares), then I recommend this.

Maybe I will try play this again and write something more later.

Here’s a drunk lets play/gameplay for you if you’re still on the fence about playing this game, and if you are I have one question for you, what the hells wrong with you??

i did a full playthrough on this and absoultly loved it

I never thought someone could make this game not only scary, but also hilarious !

Really great game, funny too. Probably my favourite of your projects.

I played through this game and made a Lumps Play (let's play with pop-up commentary cuz it rules!) years ago and forgot to post it...

Here's the first episode and full playlist :D


I tried to play your game but it says that it couldn't find Graphics/Splash when I open it.


Same here, idk what to do